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Duelosaur Island is an all-new 2-player head-to-head Dinosaur Park building experience! From the jaws of the award-winning smash hit strategy game Dinosaur Island comes the dinotastic 2-player, stand-alone strategy game, Duelosaur Island.

Duelosaur lsland has all the thrilling, thematic Dinosaur Park building excitement you know and love, but is strategically a completely new experience. Featuring a unique I-cut-you-choose dice drafting mechanism and a fantastic game of hand-management, Duelosaur Island is sure to find a special place alongside Dinosaur Island in all dino-lovers' hearts.

Includes solo game mode!

6 Starter Park Cards
44 Park Cards
29 Specialist Cards
1 Main Board
1 Draft Board
2 Company Boards
20 Cubes
8 DNA Dice
4 "-5" VP Tokens
20 "50+" Visitor Tokens
2 "10+" Security Tokens
2 "10+" Threat Tokens
7 "$5" Coin Tokens
20 "$1" Coin Tokens
1 Worker Meeple
1 PR Cube
15 Plot Twist Tokens
1 Dino Meeple
3 Scientist Tokens

Ages: 10+
Players: 1-2
Game Length: 30-45 minutes