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Fremde Federn, which means roughly "to adorn oneself with borrowed plumes", is the third game in designer Friedemann Friese's Friday project. (Sadly, "borrowed plumes" does not start with "F"s, as does something like "false feathers".)
Fremde Federn is about borrowing elements from well-known games (Eurogames) and constructing a new game out of them. For now, it is a deck-building, worker-placement, drafting race game. The print-and-play files – German only for now – are available on the 2F-Spiele website.
You are a politician who tries to gather enough money and influence to become the next president. Of course, you depend on the work of others to get the needed influence. You start with a set of 10 cards (7 of them are "fatherly friends", which give you 1 money each and 3 cards to get 1 influence each (VPs)). Each round you draw 5 cards from your deck and use one card for the turn order to place your workers. The workers go to the different offices places in the government building to buy new cards for you, get influence or different other actions. Each round there is one more space, where you can place your workers. On the game board is a row of cards, which you can choose to buy and each round the empty places in this row are filled from a deck of cards divided into 4 different "Ages". The last cards of the deck are Dr. degrees you can buy with your money, which give you 1 VP for each money spend. The game ends when all Dr.'s are bought or one player has more (or equal than) 95 VPs.
- 1 big game board
- 114 playing cards
- 28 campaign workers
- 8 playing pieces
- 25 green victory point markers
- 1 rules booklet
- 1 overview sheet
- 1 achievement sheet
Extra Info
Ages: 12 and up
Category: Card Game, Political, Racing
Designer: Friedemann Friese
Family: Freitag-Project
Mechanics: Auction/Bidding, Deck / Pool Building, Hand Management, Worker Placement
Players: 2 - 4
Product Title:
Publisher: (Web published), 2F-Spiele, 999 Games, Arclight, Korea Boardgames, Rio Grande Games,
Time: 95 minutes
Year: 2012