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In Genoa (originally published as The Traders of Genoa), players take the part of Renaissance traders, moving about the city acquiring goods and filling orders for goods. Messages need to be delivered and privileges obtained. Of course, none of this can be accomplished on one's own. Much negotiation and deal-making is the order of the day in an effort to become the richest deal-maker in Genoa. Flexible rules allow for negotiating almost everything in the game.
Ages: 12 and up
Artist: David Cochard, Franz Vohwinkel
Category: Negotiation, Renaissance
Designer: Rudiger Dorn
Family: Alea Big Box
Mechanics: Trading
Players: 2 to 5
PrimaryName: Genoa
Product Title: Genoa
Publisher: alea, Asmodee
Time: 120 minutes
Year: 2001