CHESSEX - D6 - 12MM X36 - Speckled: 36D6 Cobalt (CHX25907)

CHESSEX - D6 - 12MM X36 - Speckled: 36D6 Cobalt (CHX25907)

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For some games you just need a lot of dice, and these games tend to make use of six-sided dice. Enter the cube of dice, the 36d6 dice set. The huge number of dice in the 36d6 set is the answer to games like Champions and Shadowrun, as well as many war games and miniature games. They are also very popular for use as counters in card games. The dice cubes use 12mm dice, which are substantially smaller than the standard 16mm dice sizes. Like 12 d6 sets, these dice sets use pips for numbering rather than roman numerals. Gamers unfamiliar with 12mm dice should be aware that though it doesn't sound that different from 16mm, the dice in the 36d6 dice cubes are really quite a lot smaller than standard dice.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.