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It is 400 AD and the Roman occupation of Britannia is drawing to a close. Most of the Legions have been withdrawn. The system of Roman fortresses and roads is only thinly defended, particularly in Cambria. Across the sea, Hibernian warriors prepare to invade…
Cambria is a fast and aggressive game of siege combat. To win, the players must make skillful use of their die rolls to surround and capture Roman fortresses. Cambria combines the simple, clever mechanics of a European-style game with the direct player conflict of an American-style game.
 Cambria fan
• 2 Wooden Dice
• 16 Fort Tokens
• 7 Victory Point Tokens
• 25 Colored Warrior Markers
• 1 Legion Pawn
• 1 Double-sided Game Board
• Rules Booklet
Extra Info
Ages: 8 and up
Category: Ancient
Designer: Eric B. Vogel
Family: Celtic Nations series, Country: Wales, The Roman Empire
Mechanics: Area Control / Area Influence, Dice Rolling
Product Title:
Publisher: Closet Nerd Games, Sandstorm Productions LLC, Vainglorious Games
Time: 20 minutes
Year: 2008