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The Path to Fun

The Path to Fun

Board games can be tricky if you’re starting out. Everyone gets into board games differently, be it learning from friends, watching a video or stream, or even just as an impulse purchase at the store. But not all board games are good for beginners, and getting bogged down with complex rules and cards can often put a damper on the fun, and may even turn them off from pursuing other games. That’s why when I’m looking for a game that’s fast-paced and easy to explain, I grab a game like Tsuro.

In Tsuro, players take turns placing tiles on the board as they create paths for their token to follow. Once your path reaches the edge of the board or you collide with another token, you’re eliminated, so the goal of the game is to stay on the board the longest and be the last token standing. Where things get tricky is that once a tile is placed, each token that could follow a path has to move, so with the right strategy and tiles you can force your opponents into losing positions, or even knock them off the board!

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Tsuro is an incredibly fast-paced game since it speeds up as the available spots to put tiles shrinks the longer the game goes on. This forces players to think outside the box as they try to maneuver themselves away from the edge of the board. Games typically last around 15-20 minutes, and no two games are the exact same so there’s plenty of replay value. This also lets you get in tons of games in a session, so even if you’re not the strongest player to start there are a lot of opportunities to improve.

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Tsuro also has a spin-off, Tsuro of the Seas, where you play as ships trying to navigate the board again trying not to fall off the edge. The twist? You’re not the only things moving around! This version adds sea monsters which move around the board every turn, and how they move is determined by a dice roll. If the sum of the dice is 6, 7, or 8, the monsters move and the player has to roll another die to find out how they move. On a 1-5, each monster moves according to their tile, but on a 6 you actually add another monster! These sea monsters not only make it more challenging to plan your moves, but the added die rolls can randomly knock you out of the game if you’re too close to a monster. While I probably wouldn’t recommend this version for players brand new to Tsuro, the added twists that the sea monsters bring can shake up even the most experienced players.

Tsuro is the perfect blend of fast-paced gameplay and strategy, and makes an excellent addition to any board gamer’s collection. The balance of playing tiles to advance your own plan while trying to avoid the traps your opponents set is a fun challenge to navigate, and the learning curve is easy enough that you can jump right in even if it’s the first game you’ve ever played. This is a game I’d recommend to board game rookies and veterans alike, so if you’re looking for a new addition to your collection, cross paths with Tsuro today!