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How to Roll with Team Skull

How to Roll with Team Skull

I'm a sucker for Pokemon's box sets. They're an excellent way of guaranteeing getting the EX and GX Pokemon you want, and they even act as testing grounds for promo cards too powerful for a regular set release. While there have been some serious misses over the years, I usually get pretty excited when a really solid box set comes along, and the recent Team Skull Pin Collection Box is no exception. How can I not? In this box are foil versions of two of Team Skull's most notable evolution chains, as well as five assorted booster packs, a collectible Team Skull pin, and even a QR code for PokemonTCG Online, so you can get all your sweet collectibles in paper and digital. 

Team Skull has been a breath of fresh air for the Pokemon series. Gone are the days of Team Rocket's mafia-style crime lords, Team Aqua and Magma's eco-terrorism, and Team Flare's plot for mass genocide. In the bright and sunny Alola region, all we have to deal with are some goofy wannabe thugs throwing gang signs. However, despite their silly exterior, Team Skull houses two serious powerhouses in their ranks: Golisopod and Salazzle.  

          Golisopod-GX          Salazzle-GX

Golisopod-GX is one of the breakout stars of Burning Shadows, boasting an impressive 210HP and a dangerously powerful attack in its signature move, First Impression. For just a single Grass energy, Golisopod can deal a massive 120 damage if it was made your active Pokemon from your bench this turn. Couple this with a Choice Band and you have a Pokemon capable of taking down most threats in one to two hits. Golisopod also pairs exceptionally well with switch and bounce effects like Acerola and Guzma, so you can continuously use deal massive damage for very little energy invested.

On the other end of the spectrum is Salazzle-GX. While typically only playing a support role in Fire decks like Volcanion-EX or Ho-Oh-GX, she can seriously shine when it's her turn to play. Unlike most Fire Pokemon, which tend to use up a ton of energy, Salazzle operates entirely on two energy. While Heat Blast and Queen's Haze GX are powerful in their own right, Salazzle's main use is Diabolical Claws, which scales in power the more prize cards you've taken. This card actually rewards you for being ahead, so it's no surprise that it's quickly become a staple card in Standard's premiere Fire deck.

 This box set is a fantastic way of getting your hands on two tournament-level GX Pokemon, and the additional booster packs and pin are just icing on the cake. You get a lot of bang for your buck, and the fact that the promo Pokemon included actually see high-level tournament play makes this a no-brainer. If you're looking to beat down with the best of 'em, the Team Skull Pin Collection is the box for you.