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Magic 2017 Gift Pack: Is It Worth It?

Magic 2017 Gift Pack: Is It Worth It?

Magic has been doing Gift Boxes since Return to Ravnica. These little $20-30 boxes were designed to give to your friends as gifts. They get some packs, a promo card, and a box to store their ever-growing collection. Overall, a pretty good deal. So where does the new Magic 2017 Gift Pack stand up?


Right off the bat, the biggest distinction is that, rather than getting five packs of a large set, you get one pack of Amonkhet, one of Hour of Devastation, and one of Ixalan. In exchange for losing two packs, the gift pack also includes a spindown life counter as well as foils of Kari Zev, Skyship Raider and Metalwork Colossus, as well as a set of "Shooting Star" foil basic lands illustrated by Mark Poole. Although I wish the Kari Zev and Metalwork Colossus had different art, the basic lands are absolutely gorgeous, and since these basics are retailing for roughly $3USD a piece, it's already worth the price tag.


Ultimately, I would recommend this gift pack for what it is: a gift. Enfranchised players probably won't buy this for themselves, aside from collectors trying to get the basic lands, but as a gift for a birthday or the holidays you're getting a pretty solid box set.



- Variety of boosters

- Two foil rares

- Beautiful foil basic lands



- Would prefer more booster packs over foil rares

- Foils just regular art, could have been alternate artwork