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Drink! is an easy icebreaker for your house parties. It gets people laughing and chatting. The game keeps your brain moving and your eyes peeled as you joke around with friends and goad them into downing more and more of their beverages. Drink! brings all the fun of a game without slowing down the party. The rules of Drink! are simple. Every player draws a card from the game box. On that card is an action or phrase they should watch for. Whenever someone does what the card says, the card holder commands that person to “drink” (take a sip of their beverage). They can wait a few seconds or trick people into performing their action, if they want to be cunning. If anyone can guess what the card says, they keep that card for the rest of the night and can still call out that rule. If they guess wrong, they must drink. If you lose a card, you get a new one. The winner is whoever has the most cards at the end of the party.