STAR WARS - IMPERIAL ASSAULT - Jabba's Realm Expansion

STAR WARS - IMPERIAL ASSAULT - Jabba's Realm Expansion

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Fight alongside smugglers and bounty hunters in Jabba's Realm! This expansion offers a new campaign with sixteen brand-new missions that explore the seedy underbelly of the galaxy and the worlds of the nefarious Hutt lords. Work alongside Jabba the Hutt for the welfare of your family as you oppose new forces such as the nimble Jet Troopers, powerful Gamorrean Guards, and even a ferocious Rancor! Meanwhile, the forces of the Rebellion swell with three all new heroes and the heroic Luke Skywalker, while new map tiles, items, classes, and rewards bring you deeper into the Star Wars adventure. Jabba's Realm also provides exciting new strategies for your head-to-head skirmishes. Weequay Pirates and Alliance Rangers provide reliability to Rebels and Mercenaries, while dewback-riding Captain Terro brings new offensive firepower to the forces of the Empire. Brand new skirmish missions feature the Nal Hutta swamps and even the mighty Sarlacc as new Command cards help lead your faction to vitory! Contents:
3 Hero Figures
4 Jet Trooper Figures with 8 Pegs
1 Rancor Figure
4 Weequay Pirate Figures
4 Gamorrean Guard Figures
20 Deployment Cards
11 Story Mission Cards
4 Side Mission Cards
9 Item Cards
2 Companion Cards
4 Reward Cards
3 Supply Cards
4 Skirmish Mission Cards
27 Hero Class Cards
6 Agenda Cards
19 Imperial Class Cards
10 Command Cards
3 Hero Sheets
8 Condition Cards
18 Map Tiles
4 Bounty Tokens
6 Ally and Villain Tokens
10 Condition Tokens
8 ID Tokens
24 ID Stickers
1 Skirmish Map Sheet
1 Rulebook
Ages: 14+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 60-120 minutes