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The heavy silence of the great hall was broken only by the rustling of dresses and the clanking of armor as the Queen's daughters gathered around her throne. The Queen gazed at each young woman, intense in her scrutiny. When all movement had ceased, the Queen spoke. "I am dying," she declared. "During my long reign, I have guided this realm to prosperity. I have vanquished the marauders who once roamed our forests, terrorizing our people. No enemy fleet dares to approach our shores. Today, Minervia is at peace. But now, it will fall to one of you to continue my legacy. Which of you has the grace and power to be our next ruler?" Monarch is a strategy game for 3 or 4 players, set in the mythical lands of Minervia. Players compete as sisters who must strategically assemble an impressive court, and prove themselves ready to become the next Monarch. Decide when to tax or harvest the fertile lands. Attract wise advisors, magnificent beasts, and majestic regalia to glorify your court. Sabotage your sisters' efforts by sending unwanted guests to unsettle their courts. In the world of Monarch, strategy and surprise await players at every turn. Players must use inventive planning and keen judgement to navigate a world of beauty and mystery, and to discover their destinies!