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All mice from around the neighbourhood have been waiting and longing for the day when the door to the pantry will open, dreaming dreams on stuffing themselves with that delicious cheese...

And one day, the door opened. Everyone rushed to the feast, trying to beat their rivals to the goal, and hoping that the vicious cat won't see them...

Whose mice will be able to steal most cheese, whose cats will catch most mice, and whose dogs will chase away most cats? This is the start of a fearsome fight for food and fame!

Each player have all animal cards of one color.
Cheese cards are forming the circumference of a circle.
This game are clockwise around the table.
On his turn, a player may either draw 3 animal cards or place 3 animal cards.
If a player will place 3 animal cards, places them beside cards, on outer side of the card circle. The first card is placed face down. The second card and the third card are placed face up.
Once all players have placed all their animal cards, the Cheese cards are resolved one at a time.
Then resolve line in the following order: dogs, cats, king mice, cheese.
The player with the most points wins!